War Museum


The Indian War Memorial Museum formerly known as the ‘Red Fort Museum’ is also known as the Naqqar Khana or the ‘Musical House’ Building in Red. The Museum occupies the first and second floors facing the east and was set up with the basic purpose to pay tribute and homage to all the Indian and Foreign Soldiers and their bravery and indisputable spirit to fight without fear. This Museum reminds everyone about the courage these Soldiers have had to build either through inherent skills or otherwise cultivated by themselves, hardships and pain they have had to endure in order to fight and win all the battles for their Country that took place abroad and in India despite the fact that the numerous Indian Soldiers on the battle front-line were forcibly or otherwise ruled under the umbrella and orders of the British Army and Government. In order to commemorate the valour and sacrifice of all these Soldiers, the 1st and 2nd stories of the Naqqar Khana or Naubat Khana were chosen to home all the weapons, arms, uniforms and war memorabilia belonging to these Soldiers and the British Army used during the all the Battles. The Entrance Gallery of this Museum depicts a stunning picture of all the landmarks where the First epic Panipat Battle was fought. It displays a massive picture that showcases the  Mughal Emperor Babar and his Army and Sultan Ibrahim Lodi and his Army facing and opposing each other and fighting their lives out courageously. The other significant artifacts on display consists of Swords, Khukris, Bows and Arrows, Revolvers, Shells, Machine guns, an array of uniquely designed daggers made of Ivory and hilt inscription, Chest Armour’s, Axes used in Battles only, Helmets and many others are seen in Gallery No. 1 and No.2.

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Address: Archaeological Survey of India, Red Fort, Delhi- 110006.




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