National Police Museum

police museum

The National Police Museum was established in 1991 with the purpose to showcase all objects and methods used by the Indian as well as International Police Forces to combat crime and hence attract all those curious minds to this nodal centre of all the Police organisations. The museum provides all the visitors a glimpse into the tough world of the Police Organisations that depicts their skills and techniques along with the entire process of Investigative methods applied by them to capture criminals. The items displayed in this museum ranges from ancient to modern periods acquired from all the States and the Central Police Forces of India and Abroad like weapons, accessories, photographs and other significant documents that have assisted the Police in capturing criminals. On display is an array of objects of crime, forged documents, articles, notes and rare photographs of utmost importance seized by the Police Forces from captured criminals. The National Police Museum also exhibits all the ancient and new modern technologies that are being used by the Police Forces worldwide ranging from latest scientific methods and utilities acquired by the crime bureau’s State and Central Forensic Science Laboratory Department and Finger Print Bureau. It also introduces visitors to the challenging assignments faced by the Police when they are encountering criminals and later the steps and difficulties they undergo when prosecuting these criminals. All documents like FIRs, Case Studies, weapons and other harmful items captured by the Police Forces are also seen on display.

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