Hotel Samrat


In Lutyen’s city of Delhi there exist a the welcoming hotel, The ┬áHotel Samrat. The hotel is with in a reach of business arenas, shopping malls and various cultural & monumental attractions, away from the crowded hubs of east and north Delhi. The beautiful structure adorned with the Jodhpur Stones admits the green scenic beauty of Central Delhi, tries to match your high expectations on the ground. With a choice of 255 single & exotic bedrooms. We welcome you by ensuring a feeling of comfort ability. The hospitality of the hotel is amazing. The hotel makes the guests feel welcomed and treat them at their best. The view from the hotel is amazing and surprisingly great. The amazing food at the hotel makes the guests feel delighted.

Contact Us: +91-11-26110606

Address: Kautilya Marg, Chanakyapuri New Delhi-110021 INDIA

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