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Delhi Book Lovers is a book club that is formed mostly of book fanatics and enthusiasts. This lively group is made up of like minded people who love reading non-fiction books from varied genres ranging from spiritual, religious and motivational or quality fiction books. The most preferred authors being Dr. Deepak Chopra, Stephen R. Covey, Robin Sharma, His Holiness – The Dalai Lama, Robert Kiyosaki, Warren Buffett, Rachel Bridge and also Jack Welsh.

The members of this group meet up in different places mostly in South Delhi to discuss or exchange books over drinks or just a cup of coffee. It also gives a chance for members to socialize, make acquaintances and share conversations on their favourite authors. This Book Lovers Club is meant primarily for people who are pressed for time but still love reading books. No charges have to be paid for attending these eclectic meetings however, the attendees are free to purchase a beverage or a snack at the meeting venue itself.

The club is connected to major publishing houses like Penguin, Harper Collins, Amaryllis and the club members also attend events of Penguin and regularly participate in discussions organized by them.

Delhi Book Lovers Club had about 3 dozen meets in the past. Some significant ones are:

  1. Session by best selling author : Madhuri Banerjee
  2. Book reading by author : Amandeep Sandhu
  3. Book reading by best selling author : Parul Mittal
  4. Discussion on book : The Reluctant fundamentalist
  5. Discussion on the works of Khaleed Hosseini
  6. Professional workshop on writing by professionals
  7. Interactive reading session by author : Sid Bahri




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