Laser Game


Laser Game is the most advanced game. In this up to 14 players enter the briefing room in which a training video is shown. This video guides you on how to operate your Laser Game jacket & use your laser phase. The laser gaming operator also instructs you on all the rules to follow & on how to use the equipment in an efficient manner. From here, you enter the armory where you are suited up with state-of-the-art laser game equipment.

Once the jackets are activated, players enter the amazing star world Laser Game arena. In here, your objective is to ‘tag’ as many of the opposing players as you can, within your allocated 10 mins of time. Each time a player has been ‘tagged’, their jacket will deactivate for 5 seconds & you will score or lose points. You also have to remember to deactivate the opponents home base for extra points.

During your mission, you will encounter many obstacles which will try to deactivate you, if you don’t deactivate them first. Inside the Laser Game arena, the atmosphere is set with flashing lights, smoke, music and up to date sound effects. Once the mission is over, all players reenter the armory for a de-briefing.

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Opening Times: 11 AM-9 PM (Mon- Fri); 10 AM-9 PM (Wed)

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